Mothers are some of the best people on planet earth! They often neglect to take care of themselves because they’re so busy taking care of everyone else. Spoil them with the perfect mother’s day gift for their body, mind, and soul. All kinds of moms will really enjoy this beautiful and practical gift whether they already use essential oils or have yet to discover the benefits more and more people are raving about each day.

Read on to see why this gift is perfect for all kinds of moms.

For busy or tired moms, it doesn’t get any easier than adding a drop or two of essential oil on her skin, in the diffuser, or in her drinks (vitality oils only). Peppermint and citrus fresh are good choices because they provide invigorating energy boosts.

For stressed moms – Lavender, copabia, and stress away have calming scents that moms can enjoy whenever needed. They also make a great addition to a bath or bedtime routine to calm busy minds at the end of the day.




For moms that love to make their home a special, comforting, and inviting place – The diffusers are so decorative, mom will love displaying them (choose one of four different models). She can also create unique, custom scents suitable to the needs of her family or guests.

For moms with young children or pets – Essential oils (when properly diluted and used) can improve their moods, create comfort, and take care of owies.  Moms aren’t happy unless their family is happy!

For moms that don’t like stinky smells – Citrus Fresh is great to combat stinky shoes, clothes, garbage pails, bedrooms, and backpacks.


For moms that like a good workout – Panaway can provide relief to tired muscles and frankincense is a great oil to pair with yoga or meditation.

For moms that travel – Essential oils are a no brainer for travel because they’re small and portable and can be used easily for so many things. A must have for travel is Digize. It can provide tummy relief after an overindulgence, late night meal, or eating food they’re not accustomed to.

For moms that need to support their immune system – especially during season changes, times of stress, or travel, Thieves blend essential oil is a must have.

For moms who like to cook – Vitality essential oils, such as lemon, citrus fresh, or peppermint can be added to recipes to flavor food and beverages.

For DIY or crafty moms – The essential oils in this kit can be used for tons of diffuser blends, food recipes, cleaning DIY solutions, and DIY beauty projects. There are also some great projects mom could do with the kids.



For moms who enjoy beauty treatments – Lavender and frankincense are just a few oils that can help skin, hair, and nails look healthier.

For moms who like science or education – Perhaps the best thing about purchasing from here is the ongoing support and education available at all levels of detail – basic instructions or more in-depth teachings on how essential oils work with our body systems. She’ll also be given instructions on how to use essential oils safely and will learn how to select pure and unadulterated essential oils.

And most importantly – For moms whose health and wellness you care about.  This kit is filled with better options for mom to smell, ingest, and put on her skin.

What comes with the premium starter kit?

  • A diffuser (your choice of 4 different options)
  • 11 of the most popular and widely used essential oils
  • Samples, extra bottles, a roller ball, essential oil magazine and more
  • Education on how to use essential oils safely and effectively
  • Wholesale pricing up to 24% off on future purchases
  • This kit is approximately 50% off retail pricing (if items were purchased separately).
  • It’s beautifully packaged so all you need to do is put a bow on it.

Purchase using my ID number 11243679 and you’ll get the following bonuses:

  • Access to private Facebook Groups with continuing education, support, and recipes
  • A community of others sharing about their use of essential oils
  • Essential oils reference tools (as a gift from me)
  • A “Members 101” and “Curious About Essential Oil” welcome series.

Get a brief overview of each essential oil that comes in the premium starter kit and the 4 choices of diffusers here.

Learn more about essential oils here.

Explore our blog to discover the many uses of essential oils.

When you’re ready to purchase, contact me for how to get the best package to meet your needs, or simply read “Get Started With Young Living – Ready To Get Started” and place your order with the links provided.