Making your own diffuser blends is so much fun! Whether you need to relax, wake up, get happy, or just breathe – there’s a blend that’s right for you.

When coming up with your unique scents, use these tips to avoid wasting any drops of these precious oils.

  • Before you you drop the oil in the diffuser, wave the open bottles under your nose to see if you like the combination.
  • If too many drops fall into the water, don’t throw it out and start again.  Pour the water in a glass bowl or mason jar.   Dilute further and spread out over several diffuser blends.
  • Start with two drops of each essential oil then add more to your liking.  There’s no right or wrong!

To get started, try some of the blends on this graphic.

  • Spa Blend
  • Get Some Sleep
  • Wake Me Up
  • Relax
  • Breathe
  • Happy
  • Get Active
  • Stink Be Gone
  • Clean and Spicy

All of these blends can be made with the oils in the Premium Starter Kit.  Once you master these, try some new oils and make even more unique blends.